Letter from the President

To the DREAMS Inc Community


With the current situation of the COVID19 halting all social gatherings, schools closures and the stopping of extra curricular activities on top of everyday life DREAMS Orgs Inc understands that this is an emotional time for a lot of our BUTTERFLIES! 

Now more than ever our DREAMS Girls need to be empowHERed and encouraged.  Thank goodness for technology.  I am happy to let all the parents know that DREAMS Girls Talk is still in session.  I am providing Wednesday Evening GIRLS Lets Talk sessions online @ 3:30pm. DREAMS is eager to maintain a safe place where our girls can have a safe place to purge their feelings and have supporting sisterhood to lift them back up.    

DREAMS Orgs. Inc wants to encourage all of our families to be safe and stay healthy.  Together we can get through this. 

T. EnStacia White, President & Founder


2016 by DREAMS Orgs Inc. 

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