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What is DREAMS University

DREAMS University is an affordable and effective online educational school designed to give youth and young professionals the resources they need to be innovative thinkers and strong community leaders. 

Our Programs:


DREAMS U provides a weekly curriculum for youth

5-14 years of age.


DREAMS U provides weekly mentoring to young ladies ages 8-18 years. Our online mentoring has the access to reach EVERY girl that has the desire to DREAM BIG!!!

       * Expert Guest

       * Curriculum based


DREAMS U provides online business course for upcoming entrepreneurs.


*501c3 101:Organizing Your Nonprofit Corporation

are you ready to organize a non profit organization? Really not sure where to begin or do not have the funds to pay someone to assist you with getting started with the process?  DREAMS University provides a 6 weeks course that gives you the POWER  and knowledge to create a nonprofit organization that is recognized by the IRS.

*College Readiness Courses

College is an important decision and choice that you should not take lightly. This 8 week course concentrate solely on giving young ladies a clear understanding of the characteristics a productive women should display and what it takes to live a productive life. You will learn what college works for your lifestyle,
filling out the FASA form, learn about scholarships, grants and loans and receive information on what to expect.  Each week students are given prudent information on how to successfully maneuver through the college process.