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Empowering girls of all ages to R.U.N. to their Purpose

DGLT is our signature program for girls of ALL AGES powered by The EmpowHERing Girls Movement/EGM.  DREAMS Girls Lets Talk/DGLT is a curriculum base program that support girls and women with self confidence, self worth, self awareness, becoming effective role modes, strong business leaders and building long lasting relationships.


DGLT provides women and girls a safe place to talk freely, an environment free of judgment, free of stereotypes, free to be unapologetically themselves and most importantly free to DREAM.  DGLT provides (SEL) and personal and professional development training for groups and individuals.  


Our objective is to give women and girls the tools and resources they need to R.U.N. to their PURPOSE to develop their dream life plan.  


R.U.N. is an acronym for: 

  • Redefining Your Success

  • Understanding Your Value

  • Notice your Worth


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In the Girls Lets Talk, USA series, Coach T. EnStacia White will host Monthly Sessions that will discuss (SEL), personal and professional development skills,  provide a support system “A Sisterhood” of professional women that will be the scholars' accountability  partners.  Creating a balance in the 5 core areas to an effective life.

(mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and educationally.)

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For Schools & Community Organizations

We partner with public, private, independent, charter and parochial schools in urban, suburban and rural communities across the country.


Become an EGM School Chapter or District and you will receive access to an online facilitator portal, professional development resources and girl assembly opportunities!

The DREAMS Girls Let's Talk Curriculum.

"Developing your DREAMS Student

Success Guide" is for school age scholars.  They will receive a student manual, meet monthly and have access to mentoring and coaching sessions with professional mentors and life coaches. 

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Adult women

Group Life Coaching Program


Sisters who Pray, Slay & plan the Way to their dream life.


The purpose of this group coaching program is to facilitate a sisterhood, by fostering an atmosphere for accountability.  

The TRIBE-Munity  Sister Circle provides life management tools, coaching, resources and training to allow women to create a joyous, simplistic and prosperous lifestyle plan.


A TRIBE-Munity is tribal community (sisterhood) of like minded phenomenal, positive, powerful individuals who come together in excellence to create a safe and trusting environment where members collaborate, fair exchange and fellowship to institute a culture that produce generational wealth. 

Taking Meeting Notes
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Dream Life Planning Collection

Life management system that help busy women with time management, goal setting and financial planning. 

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

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Thanks for Supporting a Girls Dream!


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