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The EmpowHERing Girls Movement

Girls Dreams Matter! 

We realize when a girl is educated, empowered and encouraged she impacts the people around her which has a strong positive influence on the community as a whole.  The burden of protecting girls dreams and future should not be placed on the shoulders of young girls alone.  Empowered girls become empowered women.  

The EGM provides programs, workshops and seminars that are align with our organization's 4 principles of purpose for women and girls, which are to elevate confidence, inspire leadership, build positive healthy long lasting relationships and cultivate entrepreneurship.


The EGM benefits women and girls of all ages who want to express, elevate or enhance their self confidence, self worth and self awareness

We are asking all women and girls throughout the Kansas City Missouri area and Globally to sign the online pledge.  Making a commitment to this initiative to empower themselves and other women and girls to DREAM BIG!
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The EGM signature program DREAMS Girls Talk, USA yields a platform and a safe place to create or rewrite your life story by developing their dream life plan. 

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