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Changing Young Ladies into Beautiful Butterflies




Teen Summit Midwest Tour



Midwest Teen Summit Tour goal is to reach 2023 youth across the midwest by the end of 2023. This event is held every April.


The DREAMS Organization is looking for partnerships from local universities, colleges, youth organizations, schools and community activist to assist with this summit.


Our topics for the tour are: Family, Entrepreneurship, Finances and Violence. Our youth, Our city, Our community is dying mentally and physically from the lack of balance in these four areas.

Building a TRIBE-MUNITY!

College Tour


This tour is for Missouri Junior and Senior residence.  We will be going to visit Lincoln University in September.  

Education = Elevation


The EmpowHERing Girls Conference


The DREAMS organization is founded on educating, empowering and encouraging girls to follow their DREAMS.  Empowering girls to live free and be authentically themselves.  

Elevating My Superpower

I Am A R.O.L.E. Model Fashion Show 



The I’m A R.O.L.E. Model. Fashion Show is an annual event hosted by DREAMS Orgs. Inc in May. This event brings the community together while celebrating the Family! It is a six week workshop called....The “R.O.L.E. MODEL” CAMP which individuals how to exude confidence. 

Elevating Confidence

Manifest Your DREAMS Vision Board Party 



The Vision Board Party is like no other VBP you have ever attended. This party is for GIRLS ONLY ages 10-18.

These young ladies will be paired up with professionals for 3 hours while they virtually create a digital or physical DREAM Board.  They will develop strategic planning skills and learn how to effectively create a visual plan for their life.  The discussion will be lead using Coach T. EnStacia's 6 Categories to planning your Millionaire Dream Life Strategies.

DREAM It| Believe It| Plan It| Execute It


Miss Monarch Butterfly Ball


The Miss Monarch Butterfly Ball or the MMBB is a celebration of Womanhood”. It is a Classy Formal Gala held every October.

This event rewards young ladies, community leaders, business owners and volunteers for their outstanding services in their community.


The Gala honors and showcase 20-25 young ladies ages 5-18 for their dedication of excellence in their Community, Academics. & Personal Goal Achievements. Help us in Changing Young Ladies into Beautiful Butterflies! 

Changing Young Ladies into Beautiful Butterflies


Boss Lady Seminar


This is a Free Event open to ALL women and girls ages 8 years and older. The Boss Lady Seminar was created to be a platform to bring mother's and daughters closer by building a positive and productive conversations on leadership and the importance of laying a solid foundation for success.
guest speaker come to speak to the girls on the 5 characteristics of leadership and the importance of entrepreneurship in a community.  


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