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Serving the Kansas City Metro Area

The White House Performing Arts Academy

Our innovative educational approach strengthens and develops what makes your child exceptional. This focus on the whole child means they build academic skills (reading, math, science and language.) and life skills—such as communicating and making friends.

EDUCATE We provide learning strategies to prepare our scholars to be innovative and critical thinkers.

EMPOWER:  We provide a safe and loving environment to allow each child space to express themselves with confidence.

ENCOURAGE: We provide a supportive and caring staff that promotes positive reinforcements to learning.

Our unique atmosphere and  services for busy families all under one roof. 

The White House Performing Arts Academy is an extended hours educational institution that offers homeschool, early child development, tutoring, summer camps, before and after care, life coaching /mentoring, family therapy, , performing and fine art services for children 6wks-18 years old provided all under one roof!

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Learning Programs

TWHPAA, The Home of Future Presidents whole child learning scope using the S.C.I.P.E.S. and S.T.E.A.M. curriculum which works closely with the neighboring schools to ensure that your scholar is prepared intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially for kindergarten and life!

Innovative, Independent and Inclusiveness Promotes Compassion, Understanding, & Equality 

Early exposure to all kinds of diversity grows kindness and understanding. Witnessing friends of all races and nationalities playing together is a beautiful thing, and through celebrating others your child learns to embrace their own differences.

Summer Learning at The White House PA Academy

Bridging the Gap and Keeping Youth Engaged

Learning should be happening for children all the time.  Summer education programs can help bridge this gap and ensure youth stay on track academically.  

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Home of Future Presidents

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The best child care decision you can make for your child.

Experienced & fun loving stafe

S.C.I.P.E.S.  whole child learning scope

Family owned and operated since 2000

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The Parent Resource Center is a community-based multi-disciplinary resource that empowers parents with knowledge and skills needed to be effective caregivers. 


The White House Performing Arts Academy


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