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Minimize summer learning loss, Build confidence, Enjoy smaller class sizes, Academic enrichment, Get Ahead. Whether it is in reading, math, or writing.  At Dreams University Your Scholar will succeed academically.

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Keep Learning Fun This Summer with Dreams U.

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Beat Summer
Learning Loss

The reality is that all students experience learning loss during the summer.

Experts refer to this reality as the summer slide. This learning loss occurs when students do not maintain academic and cognitive momentum over the summer break.

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Here’s what we know...

  • Students lose the equivalent of one month of learning during the summer vacation

  • Students lose up to 2.6 months of math skills over the summer

  • Reading skills decline by about the equivalent of two months

  • Summer learning loss can be recognized as early as Grade One

  • Teachers spent up to six weeks reviewing past material in the fall to make up for summer learning loss

Learning From Home

The Good News is...

summer brain drain is completely preventable! Whether your child is in grade one or completing their last year of high school.  Dreams University has fun and engaging summer learning programs.

Benefits of Dreams University Summer School Program

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Scholars Stay Motivated

Retention and recall are not the only things affected by summer vacation: students’ motivation to learn can also drop. Motivation is like a muscle: action is needed to maintain it. 

Beat Summer Boredom

Following a regular routine is key, even in the summer. Routines provide structure, keep students engaged, and help them develop self-discipline.

Maintain Math Skills

Research into summer learning shows that math skills drop the most in the summer. On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of math learning over the summer. Losing those math skills puts students at a disadvantage when school starts in the fall.

Rock at Reading

As reading skills are key to understanding all school subjects, having strong reading skills is a must. Reading skills are a major predictor of achievement – the more students read, the better readers they become! 

Fun and Flexible

Summer learning isn’t about being stuck in a classroom while the sun is shining. Thanks to online and virtual programs, students can take their learning on the road!

Summer School Classes Offered

Science Class


3rd -12th


3rd -12th


3rd -12th

Life Skills

3rd -12th

Virtual Open House

Have question about Dreams University?  Get answers at an upcoming Virtual Open House!

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