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Millennial Millionaire Minute with Mentor T. EnStacia White Episode #1

The Biggest Problem Millennials & Generation Z Faces in 2022

Mindset, Management & Money Goals

Many Millennials and Generation Z...

in 2020, during a year defined by the pandemic and political upheaval, racism and discrimination topped the list, capturing the frustrations and fears of young people on the precipice of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests.

A year later, a study was conducted and found the top 17 concerns have remained the same. I will be dedicating this platform to assist Millennials and Generation Z women to learn how to push pass their concerns to create a successful life plan.


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COVID, Racism, and Tech addiction were in the top five ranking for teens, twenty somethings, and thirty somethings:


Nearly two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began in the United States, Millennials and Generation Z, ranging from middle school students to early professionals, are reporting higher rates of anxiety, depression, and distress than any other age group.

The mental-health challenges among this generation are so concerning that US surgeon general Vivek Murthy issued a public health advisory on December 7, 2021, to address the “youth mental health crisis” exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

My focus for 2022 is to assist girls 13-40 to create the life they are destine to live by providing mentoring, training, resource and masterclass that will assist them with laying a solid foundation to create and maintain a millionaire lifestyle.

Listed below are the top 17 concerns Millennials and Gen. Z stated are problematic to the productivity of their future. For the next few months the blog series Millennial Millionaire Minute will be focused on how to get back to the new normal and finding a balance in with the 3Ms which are Mindset, Management & Money.



Cultivating Excellence, Entrepreneurship Economic Development and Educational Learning

DREAMS University is an Affordable Online School that empowers youth and young professionals with resources they need to be create a life plan, become successful entrepreneurs, college readiness, financially stable, innovative thinkers and strong community leaders.


Click the COVID-19 link below to go to the article on " THE NEW NORMAL"

1. COVID-19

2. Racism / Discrimination

3. Technology addiction

4. Financial concerns / Debt

5. Unemployment / Low paying jobs / Job insecurity

6.Economic issues

7. Climate change

8. Social media

9. Mental health problems

10. Inequality

11. Too sensitive / Cancel culture

12. Lack of motivation / laziness

13. Hate / Intolerance

14. Drug / alcohol / sex addiction

15. Lack of morals / values

16. Violence / Terrorism / Conflict

17. Police Brutality

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