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Millennial Millionaire Minute with Mentor T. EnStacia White Episode #1

The Biggest Problem Millennials & Generation Z Faces in 2022

Mindset, Management & Money Goals

Many Millennials and Generation Z...

in 2020, during a year defined by the pandemic and political upheaval, racism and discrimination topped the list, capturing the frustrations and fears of young people on the precipice of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests.

A year later, a study was conducted and found the top 17 concerns have remained the same. I will be dedicating this platform to assist Millennials and Generation Z women to learn how to push pass their concerns to create a successful life plan.


The College Box Scholarship is Now Accepting Applications

If you know a senior in high school and they are continuing their education. Send them this information. This year DREAMS Orgs. Inc is giving away 25 college boxes to GIRLS only that will b