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Laugh, Live & Love

Educate, EmpowHER & Encourage our Girls to DREAM!

"Statistic state that girls who VALUE  themselves are less likely to engage in unhealthy behavior".

Success~Value~Worth truly understanding these three words will change a life  ~ T. EnStacia White

Womanhood, Sisterhood & Livelihood Experience

Become a Tribe Leader!


As the creator of this innovative idea created to share with the world mentoring strategies and practices that really work for women and girls. T. EnStacia White created a system that allows Troop Leaders all over the world to use this educational foundation to empower our future community leaders to DREAM BIG! 

DREAMS is a small organization that realizes our reach could be more effective and wider if we equipped "EVERYDAY" people in the community to do exactly what we have been doing successfully for years!   Our founder T. EnStacia White created an innovative and effective way to assist schools, churches and other organization by providing all the materials needed to conduct a high quality after school empowering workshops and seminars for girls called DREAMS Workshop in a Box.


DREAMS Girls Talk provides all the materials and activities Troop Leaders will need to operate a successful and fulfilling mentoring program globally.

It Starts with YOU!

Leading a Tribe Can Transform a Community!

Who Can Lead...

1. The DREAMS Girls Talk program is designed so that EVERYDAY people can facilitate it.

2. Perfect for nonprofit organizations

3. Perfect for college student 

4. Retired teachers or community leaders 

5. Literally anyone that loves empowering girls can facilitate this innovative mentoring program

Getting started...

1. Fill out application HERE

2. Become a MEMBER of DREAMS Orgs Inc

     a. (GO ⬆️ TO THE MENU BAR LOG IN TO CREATE AN  ACCOUNT)   please fill in all membership fields

      b. Click HERE to Pay Membership Fee

3. Complete Troop Leader training course HERE

4. Schedule New Leaders Meeting

5. Order your Instructional Kit Online SHOP

Background Check...

Every Volunteer Must complete a background check with the DREAMS Organization.  $19 fee

For questions contact DREAMS Orgs. Inc @ 816-343-8899

"16% of all juvenile crime is eliminated when youth have BROAD ACCESS to high quality enrichment programs".

DREAMS Girls Talk Kit Includes...
1. Instructional Manual:  3 workshops
2. (1)Student Manual 
3. (1) 4-6 hour Seminar
4. Ice Breaker, Fun Activities, Games & so Much More


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